Get Noticed: Unconventional Ways to Build Your Brand

Aha moment: Do the unexpected to draw positive attention to your brand and accelerate your visibility.

What do people say about you when you leave a room?

Did you ask relevant questions to make them think?

Do you leave them with a new way of looking at a problem or a creative solution?

If you were going to give yourself a grade according to how vocal you are in meetings or what skills you’re known for, what would it be?

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How do you think others view you in terms of likeability?

All of these factors play into the creation of your personal brand.

Sometimes you don’t notice what you’re not doing until you get passed over for a promotion or a project at which you know you’d do well.

To really get yourself noticed in the way you want to be recognized, consider an unconventional approach.

Let’s look at some not-so-ordinary ways to build your brand.

Bring a gift

Become known as someone who always brings something to the table, whether it’s information, insight or fresh-baked cookies.

You want the people you work with to always associate you with adding value to each conversation, phone call, interaction and situation with which you engage.

Be generous with gratitude

Say thank you. Often.

Acknowledge the work that others do, not because it’s connected to your success, but simply to celebrate theirs.

Think of yourself as a “Thank You postman,” delivering thanks wherever you go!

Utilize the power of the pause

Don’t be afraid to speak up with your great insights!

When you do, use a pause to your advantage.

Once you let it be known that you’ve got something to say, pause. This will get everyone’s attention focused on you.

When the curiosity and interest of your audience are sufficiently piqued, dazzle them with your insight! Create a lightbulb moment for them.

A correctly used “pause” can bring an energy to the conversation and can attach a positive vibe to your brand.

Take your executive presence up three notches

Go against the current. In areas where you’re tempted to take it down a few notches, go the other direction!

Here are some ideas:

  • For the way you dress. Maybe always wearing a snazzy suit will become your trademark  –  especially if you’re wearing it at times when you wouldn’t necessarily be expected to.
  • For the delivery of your work product. Go above and beyond. For example, if you’re tasked with making a PowerPoint presentation, send out an executive summary a few days before and make a presentation binder for each meeting attendee. Afterward, send a summary or Cliff’s Notes version and send out the audio version to attendees, as well.
  • For being known as a team player. When you’re under a deadline, things can get strained. Be the person who can be counted on to add some comic relief to tense situations or the one who organizes fun activities for the team you work with. Think ahead and plan for ways you can make life easier for your coworkers. Make being easy to work with a part of your brand. Kindness goes a long way!

Schedule a meeting with someone others won’t

Invite an intimidating higher-up out to lunch. Most people will be too afraid to take a bold step like this, so it’s a great way to make a name for yourself and set yourself apart.

Request an unconventional mentoring situation

Ask for the opportunity to mentor someone who is three or four levels above you.

Though it may raise some eyebrows initially, it’s a great chance for you to show them things they wouldn’t have seen otherwise  –  because others are too afraid to speak up.

Don’t be afraid to challenge leadership decisions to help them see a situation from a different perspective.

Ask to create a title for yourself

Come up with a creative title that will help you get noticed, and change the way people see you and how they experience your brand.

Here are some examples:

  • Instead of “Salesperson,” you’re a “Growth Guru.”
  • Instead of “Marketing Director,” you’re an “Chief Idea Generator.”
  • Instead of “Legal Department,” you’re called the “Incubator of Integrity.”

Anything that’s snappy and unconventional is sure to grab attention.

Change your brand

If your goal is to move ahead, you want to take some creative steps to get noticed and build a personal brand that speaks to who you really are.

Schedule those lunch dates, put on that suit, give yourself an original title and get ready to soar.

What unconventional ways of getting yourself noticed can you think of implementing in your work life?